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Dear Students, Since the beginning of the semester, the Student Budget Sustainability Task Force has been working to understand..

November 12, 2012

Notes from Task Force Meeting with Roth

This Monday, October 22nd, the Student Budget Sustainability Task Force met with President Roth. In that meeting, we discussed many issues..

October 27, 2012

Student Budget Sustainability Task Force: A Briefing

Since September, the Student Budget Sustainability Task Force has met regularly and worked diligently. The goal of this group is to..

October 21, 2012

Need Blind Admissions Meeting with the UOC and WSA

Did you know that President Roth has proposed to scale back need blind admissions? Come learn about the proposed changes to need blind..

August 30, 2012

Update on the Student Solution

I wanted to offer an update on what I’ve been doing to address the need blind issue since writing “The Student Solution.” In that..

June 24, 2012

The Student Solution

Last week, in his blog post “Sustainable Affordability”, President Roth officially laid out his plan to scale back Wesleyan’s..

June 6, 2012
Meeting on Wesleyan’s Affordability with President Roth

Meeting on Wesleyan’s Affordability with President Roth

Concerned about rising tuition and the affordability of Wesleyan? Have suggestions concerning Wesleyan’s financial aid? Interested in..

April 19, 2012

Work Study Exit Survey Coming in May

As the WSA work-study liaison, I have endeavored to strengthen the relationship between students on work-study and the financial aid office..

April 24, 2010

This Sunday: Resolution Against Proposed Budget Reductions in Financial Aid

This Sunday at its weekly General Assembly meeting, the WSA will debate and vote on a resolution, co-sponsored by myself and Micah Feiring..

October 7, 2009


As part of the recent stimulus package, the federal government will be granting college students and their parents a tax credit of up to..

September 7, 2009