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Resolution 6.34: Resolution on Reading Period & Spring Fling

Resolution 6.34 (2012) Sponsors: Zachary Malter ‘13, Samuel Ebb ’13, Nicole Updegrove ‘14, Andrew Trexler ‘14, Mari Jarris ‘14..

November 19, 2012

Resolution 5.34: Day for Community Building

The WSA General Assembly voted tonight on a resolution in support of the institutionalization of a day for community building into the..

November 19, 2012

Welcome to AAC

    Welcome to AAC: the WSA’s Academic Affairs Committee.  Yawning already? Having flashbacks that boring prof you had one..

August 4, 2012
Join the Information Technology Committee!

Join the Information Technology Committee!

Do you wish your professors knew how to use Moodle better?  Is the Wesleyan Mobile app just not good enough?  Does the Cisco sign-in..

February 17, 2012

Computer Labs: A Primer

Are you one of the multitudes of people that shout to the rooftops when you have to churn out a paper at 3 in the morning and has to deal..

February 15, 2012

The Menu

Tuesday night’s AAC (Academic Affairs Committee, you’re welcome Cameron) meeting involved relaxed discussions about such dry..

November 3, 2010

AAC Works with University Librarian to Bring New Library Committee to Life

Today marks an exciting day. There is reason to celebrate, eat some cake, set off fire works, dance and play in the street (preferably Foss..

October 11, 2010

Meet Your New AAC Members

All too often, academic departments defend their territory with the passion of cornered animals, though with far less justification...

September 28, 2010


Last week, a resolution submitted by the deans to counter the WSA’s resolution regarding oversubscription was PASSED through the..

April 26, 2010

The WSA is Reviving E-Squid!

What is this E-squid you might say? It was an old Wes-specific version of rate-my-professor.com. The Academic Affairs Committee is trying..

April 13, 2010