Wesleyan Student Assembly

Recognition and Renewal


Recognition by CoCo has many benefits for your student group—namely, it allows you to request SBC funding. Read more about other benefits, and the process of how your group may be recognized, below.

All student groups must renew their group by October 1st, and if your profile is not updated by that date, your group will be deleted. 

As the new academic year begins, returning groups are asked to renew their group on OrgSync. You will be prompted to do this on your OrgSync homepage. Follow the given instructions, update all information, and be sure that your group has a profile picture in place. Your profile will not be considered to be complete otherwise, and you will not be eligible for funds. Again, all student groups must renew their group by October 1st, and if your profile is not updated, your group will be deleted. 

Quicksteps to CoCo Recognition for New Groups

  1. Log into OrgSync with Single Sign On. Visit http://orgsync.com/home, select Wesleyan University in the drop-down, and then log in.
  2. On the Community Home page, select the green Browse Organizations button on the left hand side of the white banner.
  3. On the upper right, select “Register New Organization,” also in green.
  4. A pop-up will appear, select the “Wesleyan Student Assembly” as where you want to create the organization, then press the green “Select.” Follow instructions from here until the form is submitted.
  5. Download the Student Group Recognition Petition and get twenty signatures. You may also obtain a copy from the WSA Office.
  6. Within a couple days, you will be contacted by a CoCo member to set up a Student Group Recognition Meeting. Please contact your student group category liaison to set up that meeting if you don’t receive an email within a week of registration. The liaisons will be listed below once CoCo is assembled.
  7. At that meeting, please bring your petition and be prepared for a short conversation on the nature of your new group.

Student Group Category Liaisons

Activism Anna Pezanoski-Cohen
Identity Arron Luo
Performance & Visual Arts Jared Fineberg
Program House/Greek Life Lizzie Shackney
Publications Key Session
Sports Brenda Quintana
Office of Community Service Lizzie Shackney
Other Lizzie Shackney


Recognition/Registration Process

Every year, student group leaders must register their group or club with the Community Committee (CoCo) of the WSA by completing an electronic registration form. This process is commonly referred to as “recognition.”  Students must register their groups through OrgSync, where student groups will be able to register, communicate with members, request funding, and more.

  1. Log into OrgSync with Single Sign On. Visit http://orgsync.com/home, select Wesleyan University in the drop-down, and then log in.
  2. On the Community Home page, select the green Browse Organizations button on the left hand side of the white banner.
  3. On the upper right, select “Register New Organization,” also in green.
  4. A pop-up will appear, select the “Wesleyan Student Assembly” as where you want to create the organization, then press the green “Select.”
  5. The first page of the registration form is Basic Organization Information. Fill out this page by typing in your full organization name, the abbreviated name, the category of groups you belong in, a short description (optional) of your group, and keywords for your group (similar to hashtags). If you have one, you may also put in the website of your group, and upload a picture for your group.
  6. Hit “Next,” and you’ll arrive at the Organization Information page. Here, you must provide us with a Mission, as well as answer a couple questions on the page. Red asterisks indicate mandatory questions.
  7. The next page is Officer Information. You must list two Officers, one primary contact and one financial contact. You may choose whichever title for the officers you wish (i.e., President or Treasurer), or list yourself as both officers (primary and financial contact). The financial contact will be the only one able to apply for SBC funding.
  8. After this page, you should arrive at an “Additional Questions” page. Answer the questions and agree to Wesleyan’s Anti-Discrimination Policy and Anti-Hazing Statement, and you may also (optionally) tell us more about your group here.
  9. Hit “Next,” arrive at an “Admin Only Page,” which should be empty, and hit “Next” again.
  10. Groups that are not affiliated with the OCS are now done with registration. Hit “Finish” and you’re set!
    1. Groups affiliated with OCS must fill out the information on the subsequent page, “OCS Coordinator Information.”
    2. After that page, hit “Next” then “Finish,” and you’ve registered your group!
  • Financial Contact — will be responsible for the student group’s SBC and Income accounts. Only one person can be assigned for this role and they must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student.
  • Primary Contact — will be the technical support contact for the group and will be responsible for relaying any general announcements to student group members that are forwarded from the WSA Office Coordinator or WSA committee members.

New groups must also attend a Student Group Recognition Meeting before they are approved.  The meeting will last approximately 5-10 minutes, and will not require much preparation on the part of the student group leader.  Simply think about your group’s goals and what makes your group distinct.  CoCo wants to gain an understanding of your group and how we can help you now and in the future.  The one requirement at the meeting is the submission of a Student Group Recognition Petition, with at least twenty signatures simply expressing interest in your group.  You can download the petition here or obtain a copy from the WSA Office.  Since groups are given funding and other valuable resources, we want to ensure that those resources are going to the community instead of only benefitting one or two individuals.  To request a meeting, email the CoCo Chair.

After your new group has been recognized by the Community Committee (CoCo), a group number (used for financial accounts, part of your group’s “SmartKeys”) will be assigned to your organization within 14 business days if your group is newly established. If your group has been registered in the past it will retain its old SmartKey numbers. After you have registered your group and obtained SmartKey numbers, you can apply for funding through the Student Budget Committee (SBC).

Benefits of Recognition

There are many benefits to being officially recognized by the Wesleyan Student Assembly’s Community Committee (CoCo). The following is a list of resources student group leaders will have available to them after recognition in addition to access to SBC funding. They are designed to increase each group’s ability to stay organized, maintain records from previous years, and stay in touch with the broader Wesleyan community.

  1. The WSA Office: Workspace, Storage for Documents and Equipment.
    • Office Space: This year the WSA is allowing student groups to apply for office space. Student groups may store equipment in these spaces and make use of existing equipment. To apply, please fill out the Student Office Space Request Form and turn it in to the WSA Administrator.
    • Current Documents and Accounts: Each WSA student group has a file in the WSA where their major records and accounting bills are held. While these documents are primarily under the care of the WSA Administrator and staff, student group leaders should be aware that they have free access to these files and are welcome to add documents to their files. Ask the WSA Administrator (Lisa Hendrix) or her staff about seeing your file.
    • Archives and Records: In addition, most previously established groups have at least some documents still on file at the WSA Office. These files are archived and kept in a separate set of folders; these archives are also readily available to student group leaders. Again, student group leaders are welcome to add any documents they may have to these archives. Please ask the WSA Office Coordinator about seeing your archived files.
    • Storage: All student groups are permitted to store objects related to their group’s function in the WSA Office building. Please ask the WSA Administrator about storage space.
  2. Mailing, Telephone and Fax
    • Mail Boxes and Mailing Addresses: You may use the WSA Office as a shipping address. Furthermore, you may request a mail box at the WSA office for your student group. Please talk to the WSA Administrator about this.
    • Posters/Xeroxing: For group business/publicity, a small-quantity (50 pages) of Xeroxing is FREE at the WSA during office hours.
    • Telephone: Since the WSA office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., calls for group business can easily be made on WSA phones. There is no charge to your group for this service. If your group has a Wesleyan extension, you will be charged for all toll calls made from that phone. Personal calls are strictly forbidden.
    • Fax: The WSA office has a fax machine for use by student group officers for group activities only. There is no charge to your group for this use. Student groups may receive faxes at (860) 685-2411. If you are using the fax for personal reason, it will cost $1 dollar per page for local calls and $2 dollars per page for international faxes. We only accept cash.
  3. Ordering Office Supplies
    • Office Supplies: Office supplies can be ordered through the WSA office and billed to your account. The University’s vendor has a full line of supplies at approximately a 35% discount! Allow two or more days for delivery. Rush orders (one day’s notice) can be supplied by a local vendor at a 15% discount.
  4. Times Readership Program
    • Wesleyan’s large subscription to The New York Times entitles us to a speaker service from the Times. If you are interested in bringing in a speaker from the New York Times, please contact a CoCo member.

Registration Criteria

  1. The Community Committee will not recognize any group that violates the Wesleyan Student Assembly’s non-discriminatory clause, which is as follows: “The Wesleyan Student Assembly shall not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, marital status, gender identity or gender expression in the execution of its responsibilities under this constitution or in the administration of its policies and programs.”
    • However, a group in seeming violation of the clause may be recognized if the exclusion of certain persons is central to the purpose and functioning of the organization.
  2. The group must work toward enhancing the greater Wesleyan community by promoting discussion rather than exclusion and antagonism in its events and activities as determined by the Chair of the Community Outreach Committee and the President of the Wesleyan Student Assembly.
  3. Failure to comply with the criteria throughout the year may result in a revocation of recognition status.