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Student Group Handbook

Student Group Handbook

The Student Group Handbook is a collection of useful information that can be found online by clicking the banner above. Inside, you would find key tools to maintaing your student group, how to apply for SBC funding, and useful contact information to various key positions. You can also find the Handbook in webpage format using the navigation on the left.


Student groups can obtain WordPress sites/blogs hosted on the Wesleyan domain. Student group website URLs will take the form:


Student group websites can be requested by using the form below.


Previously, student groups have had the ability to request Lyris Listservs. ITS and the WSA are now encouraging students to actively use Google Groups, which is accessible through your Wesleyan Google account. By creating a Google Group through your Wesleyan account (i.e., being signed into Gmail/Google with your Wesleyan credentials), you will have the ability to easily manage your listserv, add/remove members, and have other students join your group. Your listserv email address would be akin to “studentgroup-glist@wesleyan.edu.” If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of CoCo.


Student groups are now also able to request email addresses formatted such as: studentgroup@wesleyan.edu. In obtaining such an email address, you would also have access to various Google platform products, including Google Calendar, Google Drive (formally Docs), as well as Gmail. It would function as individual student accounts on Google do, and thus is also important to ensure that the account is used appropriately.

You may request an email address using the form below.

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