Wesleyan Student Assembly

Student Budget (SBC)

Committee Description

The WSA’s Student Budget Committee (SBC) consists of 7 members. Every week, the SBC meets with and allocates funds to university-recognized student groups. The SBC strives to improve and maintain a high-quality extracurricular environment at Wesleyan by assisting student groups and handling questions regarding the allocations process. Members of the SBC work closely with WSA administrators and Student Activities staff to oversee the successful completion of events that occur in the Wesleyan community. SBC funding comes from the annual Student Activities Fee, which is included as a part of tuition costs. Student groups that would like to request funding from the SBC must be registered as an official, active student group by the WSA’s Community Outreach Committee (COCo) and must designate a financial contact . Both of these can be done through OrgSync. See “Requesting Funds from the SBC“.


SBC Meetings: MONDAYS, 7:30 PM (Usdan 104)

SIGN UPS:  9:00am – 3:15PM (WSA Office)

Subcommittees & Related Committees

  • Spring Fling Committee
  • Senior Class Officers Events Committee
  • Concert Committee


Contact SBC

If you would like to contact all committee members, you can email the SBC at sbc-glist@wesleyan.edu

Student Group Questions

If you have any questions, contact the SBC representative that oversees your club category.

SBC Members E-mail
Nicki Softness ’14 is a senior CSS major from Atlanta (but she’s really a Northerner, let’s be real). She chairs the Student Budget Committee, which deals with students and budgets. When she’s not in the WSA office, she’s the Captain of the Women’s Tennis team, reading Game of Thrones,  or playing frisbee on Foss, which is more unique than it sounds. She likes all types of food, and giving student groups money. She can be reached by email at nsoftness@wesleyan.edu. 247620_4923756048103_1738123557_n
Madison Moore ’16. Hollister Model – can’t you tell? As much as I love the Oreos he brings to every meeting, this kid is too much pre-adolescence for one person. Reach him at madisonjmoore@wesleyan.edu. money madison
Matan Koplin-Green ’15 is a Junior on the Student Budget Committee. He also co-chairs the Committee for Investor Responsibility, which which seeks to maintain ethical guidelines in Wesleyan’s investment practices. Matan also enjoys neuroscience, music, tennis, and Friends (the show). He can be reached by email at mkoplingreen@wesleyan.edu. matan pic
Mikaela Reyes ’17 hails from the Philippines with her dried mangoes, delicious adobo and big, happy smile! Besides being in the SBC, she is also a part of the Freeman Asian Scholarship Association as the executive committee secretary, a member of the Fusion dance company, a member of the Pinoy club and a volunteer tutor in Green Street Arts Center. She can’t wait to get to know all the clubs WSA has to offer, and is looking forward to meeting you all! She can be reached at moreyes@wesleyan.edu. 704052_10151179387160963_1529223843_o
Isabel Linzer ’17 is a prospective PreMed student and Government major from Arlington, Virginia. As a member of the Student Budget Committee she hopes to protect the diverse social and extra-curricular life that characterizes Wesleyan. Isabel is a member of the softball team and hopes to at least try out for a dance troupe at some point. On a rainy day you are likely to find her looking up new music or watching the director’s cut editions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. You can contact Isabel at ilinzer@wesleyan.edu. IsabelLinzer
Alice Lee ’17 is a prospective Pre-Med student from sunny California. When she’s not at WSA, she spends her time missing the sun, going on runs, and watching Netflix. She hopes to be able to support the diversity of student groups at Wes through the Student Budget Committee and is excited to meet everyone! Please feel free to contact her anytime at ajlee@wesleyan.edu.  photo
Jenna Starr ’15 is a Junior from Long Island, New York. She’s double majoring in English and Pyschology. Besides being in the SBC and WSA, she’s also the House Manager of Community Service House, volunteers at Green Street and WesAge, and occasionally writes for the Argus. When she’s not doing all of this fun activities, you can find her at a Boxing gym in West Hartford, 5 times a week. You probably don’t want to get on her bad side…Also, no, she’s not related to Ringo or Patrick Starr. You can reach her at jstarr@wesleyan.edu.