Wesleyan Student Assembly

2015-2016 WSA Leadership Board

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 WSA Leadership Board:
President: Kate Cullen ’16
Vice President: Aidan Martinez ’17
Chief-of-Staff: Henry Vansant ’18
Student Budget Committee Chair: Evelysse Vargas ’17
Communications Coordinator: Martin Malabanan ’16
Student Life Coordinator: Nila Ravi ’18
Academic Affairs Coordinator: vacant

Look out for more information on September 2015 member elections
and our new Constitution and meeting structure!

Spring Election Results

Bolded items passed.

Constitutional Review

Item 1: WSA Reorganization: Passes 169 to 42

Item 2: Create a Bicameral Assembly: Passes 153 to 58

Item 3: WSA Financial Aid Stipend: Passes 168 to 43

Class of 2016

Madison Moore: 35

No write-in candidate garnered sufficient votes. 

Class of 2017

Evelysse Vargas: 86

Adam Macalister: 68

George Pollack: 62

Rizwan Syed: 65

No write-in candidate garnered sufficient votes. 

Class of 2018

Henry Vansant: 78

Kush Sharma: 80

Paige Hutton: 69

Henry Prine: 77

Serene Murad: 72

Owen Christoph: 37

Carter Deane 24

Write-in: Matthew Wallock 38

No write-in candidate garnered sufficient votes. 


WSA Election Results

WSA President Election

Kate Cullen: 589
Madison Moore: 188

WSA Vice-President Election

Aidan Martinez: 572
Victoria Hammitt: 207

Senior Class Officer Election


Ellen Paik: 103
Julio Angel: 84
Michelle Lee: 66


Martin Malabanan: 264


Derrick Holman: 214

Meet WSA President, Vice President, and Senior Class Officer Candidates!

Kate Cullen ’16 (WSA President Candidate)

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.54.32 AMRefresh Wes: I am running with Aidan Martinez to revolutionize the idea of student government and implement comprehensive reforms to the institutional structure of WSA.

This community has given me so much and I want to make it the best it can be. After two years on WSA I’ve found structurally it’s outdated, unnecessarily hierarchical and innately exclusive.

 We believe WSA should be an inclusive, responsive and accountable student coalition. It should be the nexus of campus for respectful debate, for grievance and celebration. It should be a platform for action and a space where marginalized voices are heard.

Immediately after being elected, we would push big internal reforms and an all-school revote of the Constitution. A few ideas:

1. Reorganize Committees into big issue clusters (keep the good and add committees such as Title IX/Sexual Violence)
2. Broaden Membership into two bodies, one more committal and one more project-based to encourage students already working on issues to collaborate in one space

3. Open WSA Meetings to be alternating all-campus town hall meetings and legislative/working sessions.
4. Easier Event Planning by linking SALD+SBC+WSA Office closer together


Contact Kate at saltemuscull@wesleyan.edu


Madison Moore ’16 (WSA President Candidate)

My name is Madison Moore, and with Victoria Hammitt as Vice President, I am running for the President of the WSA. I have been on the WSA for 2 years now and have resided on the SBC (Student Budget Committee) for both years. Over my time on the assembly, I have been able to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the school and the bureaucratic nature of university politics. The WSA has done a lot of good for this school over the last two years, but many people feel silenced and unrepresented and that needs to change. If elected President of the WSA, I will strive to increase the accessibility of the WSA and the Executive Committee by setting up times for individuals and groups to meet with WSA representatives, among other things. I will also improve the transparency and accountability of the WSA and its associated groups, such as the SBC and Concert Committee. Victoria and I don’t want to allow the initiatives started this year and in years prior to become just another part of Wesleyan’s history; we want to bring them into the future and help make Wes the best school it can be.

Contact Madison at mjmoore@wesleyan.edu


Aidan Martinez ’17 (WSA Vice President Candidate)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.26.29 PM

Hey y’all! I’m running with Kate Cullen to reform the WSA. Here are our campaign ideas:

 ·      REDIRECT FOCUS: Create issue-based clusters (i.e. Title IX, Queer Life, Low-Income/First Gen, SOC, etc.) with clear policy goals

·      ALL STUDENTS: Remove the barrier between the WSA and students. This is a STUDENT assembly not an EXCLUSIVE one.

·      TRANSPARENCY: Update what projects are being done, the progress, and when they are completed.

·      STREAMLINE: Speed up the SBC process

·      OUTREACH: Involve new students, alumni, and faculty

·      INCLUSION: Change who gets to attend Board of Trustees meetings

·      ACCESSIBLITY: Improve campus infrastructure and provide shuttles to improve quality of life for disabled students

·      MORALS: Make sure our values match our policies (i.e. worker treatment, Wes Divest, etc.)

·      NIGHT LIFE: Fight against ResLife/Administration regulations

·      TITLE IX: Provide effective and empathetic sexual violence survivor support

·      SUPPORT: Expand first-generation/low-income student resources

·      WESSHOP WHAT?: Establish shuttles to price chopper, especially during breaks

·      CAPS: Allocate more funding to hire more staff to improve availability

Our ideas are endless. Don’t vote to conserve and tweak the WSA, vote to dramatically change it. Let’s REFRESH WES.

Contact Aidan at ajmartinez@wesleyan.edu


Victoria Hammitt ’17 (WSA Vice President Candidate) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.26.20 PM

My name is Victoria Hammitt and I want to represent the range of student interests on campus as Vice President of the WSA. My running mate Madison Moore and I have seen both the positives and negatives of the WSA. We have seen the creation, recognition, and funding of dozens of student groups and initiatives every year, support for policy changes on sustainability and sexual assault, and the implementation of new academic programs. It is important to continue to have an institution that carries out these initiatives. But we have also seen a marked lack of inclusion and openness for hundreds of people and groups. I want to ensure that anybody who wants to can easily access the WSA and be treated with fairness and respect. I plan to make all associated institutions responsible to students. This means increasing transparency by publicizing actions and welcoming more student input for organizations such as the Student Judicial Board, Student Budget Committee, and Spring Fling Committee which substantially impact the dynamics of student life on campus. Madison and I will provide a reasonable balance between the diverse concerns at this school so we can all create the best Wesleyan we can.

Contact Victoria at vhammitt@wesleyan.edu


Ellen Paik (Senior Class President Candidate) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.25.16 PM

Hi everyone, my name is Ellen Paik.

 First off, thank you for electing me to serve on the WSA for three crazy years. I have had the honour and privilege of representing some of the best people I have ever met, and had the amazing opportunity to learn about the ins-and-outs of this complicated and fascinating institution. While on the WSA, I’ve devoted myself to a various assortment of school projects—from founding Wes To Wes to contributing to the recent refurbishing of Exley lobby—but during my last year at Wesleyan I am hoping to direct my efforts to focus on the Class of 2016.

 During one of the first weeks of my Wesleyan career, I spent a weekend chasing you guys around for a vote. And now here we are, soon-to-be seniors, and I find myself asking you for one last vote. I am thrilled to be running for Senior Class President and I am excited by the prospect of helping our last year at college to be the best one yet.

Ellen Paik has still got your back. Cheers.

Contact Ellen at epaik@wesleyan.edu

Jesse Brooks ’16 (Senior Class President Candidate) 

There’s a certain beauty, a lasting sense of nostalgia to watch the younger classes discover Wesleyan: their first sit on Foss hill or describing a certain Professor that gave them their first a-ha moment. Falling in love with Wesleyan was magical, but now we’ve moved past those giddy, wide-eyed first weeks. We’re married with two kids and nervous about the mortgage. We’re still in love, but you deserve that unfiltered excitement. Take another dive, and allow me facilitate a final honeymoon into the sunset.  I have been a leader on this campus for three years. I’ve organized large-scale field trips to New York, tented events in the Fountain backyards, and have been in the back scenes of large school planning, both on a micro and macro level. Senior Cocktails are gone, but I’ve already begun in crafting its replacement.  I’d like to have the seniors involved in choosing our commencement speaker. My free time is allocated to this role, so formulate your ideas and let’s make them happen together. I just have the history with the administration to get it done. I know you love Wesleyan, but you deserve to fall in love all over again.

Contact Jesse at jrbooks@wesleyan.edu

Julio Angel ’16 (Senior Class President Candidate) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.45.56 AMHey Class of 2016! My name is Julio Angel and I’m running to be your Senior Class President. Most of us will be entering our final year at Wesleyan, and we deserve to leave this place with a bang! The best part of serving as your president is helping to plan all the events for the senior class. A few ideas I have: a concert in the Fountain backyards in the fall and maybe go to a vineyard in the spring. This year’s senior class has their trip to a brewery approved so I have few ideas for events where could involve alcohol once again!

As your class president I promise to listen and to voice the concerns of the people on campus that are often ignored. My sophomore year I served on the Student Affairs Committee with the WSA. Through my work in the committee, I developed relationships with administrators that I still keep in contact with today. I plan to use these connections to lobby the administration for your interests and to make our class more united. I promise that if you vote for me, we will make it work!

Contact Julio at jangel@wesleyan.edu


Michelle Lee ’16 (Senior Class President Candidate) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.26.53 PMAs the class president, I promise that I will provide the creativity and energy to create events that will unite the Class of 2016. I plan to continue to represent socially marginalized and silenced voices on Wesleyan campus, and create an inclusive and politically aware WSA and the senior class committee.

 Since the beginning of my Wesleyan experience, I have been passionately involved in issues related to our student body. It was frustrating for me to watch our campus become polarized because of the issues related to gender and race politics, and this frustration led me to initiate change. As a representative from various student groups, such as the Women of Color Collective, Asian American Student Collective, and Title XI committee, I helped our campus refine sexual assault policies and gender and race activism on campus.

 Wesleyan has improved a lot to include women, different ethnicities, and adopt gender-neutral policies. However, in order to stay relevant and real, we have to continue to fight for equality and inclusivity for all. My past experiences in improving campus will definitely affect our senior year, as I plan fun, creative, once-in-a-lifetime and safe events for our senior class and our Reunion and Commencement.

Contact Michelle at mjlee@wesleyan.edu


Martin Malabanan ’16 (Senior Class Vice President Candidate) 

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.26.38 PMCongratulations, Class of 2016! We made it; we are now Seniors and one step closer to finishing this chapter of our lives. The past three years were far from easy, so this last year needs to be epic. All the exams, papers, drop/add stress, housing drama, blood, sweat, and tears have culminated with this upcoming year: OUR YEAR. This is no small feat and it deserves to be celebrated. Not just with a measly Senior Formal or Senior Week… Seniors deserve more; the Class of 2016 deserves more.

 I am Martin Malabanan and as your Senior Class Vice President, I will make sure the Class of 2016 gets what we deserve: numerous events, parties, class bonding activities and so much more as a reward for making it this far. The events I propose will happen throughout our senior year to ensure our final year will be one to remember. As your Senior Class Vice President, I strive to know what you want and what you need, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This is YOUR year. This is OUR year. Class of 2016, this is our Senior year, and I promise to make it happen for all of us.

Contact Martin at mmalabanan@wesleyan.edu

Derrick Holman ’16 (Senior Class Treasurer Candidate)

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 9.48.32 AMAs senior class treasurer, I intend to use all of the resources entrusted to the senior committee to make this last year our most memorable year. In the last three years, I have brought creativity and passion to the forefront of campus in a variety of ways. I have been a leader in various campus groups, organized long-distance trips and music festivals, and dominated the soundcloud airwaves. Our last year at Wes should be our best and I am dedicated to making that vision become a reality. Also, check out my mixtape…it’s fire.

Contact Derrick at dcholman@wesleyan.edu


HAPPY VOTING! Also, there are no candidates for the Senior Class Secretary Position– we’d love to have you on! 

Run for WSA President & Vice-President, Senior Class Officer

WSA President & Vice President
Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors can run; All class years can vote

Senior Class 2015 President, Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer
Only 2016 can run and vote

The mandatory candidates meeting will be held on Thursday, April 2 at 5:00PM in 41 Wyllys Room 115.

Petitions for president and vice presidentpetitions for senior class officers, and election rules are linked and copies can also be found in the WSA Office (Usdan 104).  Petitions and personal statements are due at 5PM on Friday, April 3 to the WSA office in Usdan.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the Elections Committee: Sadasia McCutchen ’17 (smccutchen@wesleyan.edu), Rizwan Syed ’17 (rsyed@wesleyan.edu), or Henry Vansant ’18 (vansant@wesleyan.edu)

Winter Election Results

Candidate Term Percentage Count
Martin Malabanan Full Year 64.53% 171
Nila Ravi Full Year 57.36% 152
Bryan Stascavage Full Year 54.34% 144
Adam Macalister Half Year 51.70% 137
Christi Pak Half Year 42.64% 113
Andrew Hirsh 40.38% 107

Resolution 2.36

On November 2nd of this year, a resolution was passed by the WSA in an attempt to promote transparency and communication at Wesleyan. This resolution was passed in order to strengthen the communication between the administration and students, and to elevate the feeling that students know who is running their school and making the decisions that most impact their lives. Too often issues may go unaddressed, and it is important for students to be able to hear all sides of the story, and for there to be accountability on the part of both the students and the administration. All these factors being true the resolution will hopefully also strengthen the sense of community in the goings on of the school. With that being said, the resolution calls for two things. Firstly, it calls for a quarterly report to be distributed from the Office of the President with editorials addressed to the population from the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Vice President for Academic Affairs on issues that are pertinent to the student body. It is in this way that the student body may be made more aware of the university’s desire to acknowledge and address the utmost concerns of their students. The second part of the resolution calls for an annual State of the Students address to be delivered to the students from the Office of the President at either the beginning or middle of the academic year. This will also increase transparency in the goings on of the school and allow students a greater sense of agency in their own institution.

See Resolution 2.36 at wsa.wesleyan.edu/about/documents.

Winter 2014 Election

Winter 2014 Election

There are five (5) spots for At-large Representatives open to students from 2015, 2016, and 2017. The first three (3) vote-getters will receive full-year terms, the next (2) will receive semester-length terms.

To run: 

1.  Collect 25 signatures on an election petition. Petitions are available in the WSA Office in Usdan or here. Petitions are due at 5:00pm on November 23 to the Candidates Meeting in Usdan 108.

2. Email a 200 word candidate statement to wsa@wesleyan.edu by November 23 at 5:00pm.

3. A mandatory candidates meeting will be held on Novemver 23 at 5:00om in Usdan 110If you cannot attend you must send a proxy and notify wsa@wesleyan.edu.

4. The election will be held from Decmber 1 to December 5 at wsa.wesleyan.edu/voting.

To learn more about the WSA and what representatives do, go to wsa.wesleyan.edu or email us at wsa@wesleyan.edu

Write-in candidates must obtain sufficient votes to rank in the top ten candidates and must have a minimum of 25 votes.

Note that students abroad can run in these elections.


Bystander Intervention Training

This past Sunday, October 12th, the Wesleyan Student Assembly took part in Bystander Intervention training with Tonya Purdy and Alysha Warren. We addressed our own barriers to intervention, discussed potential strategies for intervening, and thought about the kind of community we want to build. Bystander intervention goes beyond helping a drunk friend or intervening in a potential assault, and it goes beyond addressing an abusive relationship or a substance abuse issue. In my eyes, it was about character. It was about community. It was about who you are going to be when nobody is watching, and it is about the kind of language and behavior that you as an individual and we as a community will or will not tolerate. And finally, it was about coming into a situation with good intentions, with a goal not of changing people or making them conform to your idea of what is right, but engaging in open and respectful conversation to create a safer and more inclusive community.

I hope that more and more groups and individuals take the opportunity to experience this training. The training goes quickly, it’s very informative, and it gives you space for self-reflection, as well as a chance to think about who we are and where we are going as a community. Contact tpurdy@wesleyan.edu orawarren@wesleyan.edu for more information on We Speak We Stand Bystander Intervention.

Register To Vote

Today is National Voter Registration Day, and with elections quickly approaching the Wesleyan Student Assembly has partnered with TurboVote to make voting easier for the Wesleyan community.

When you sign up at the link below, you will be able to access everything you need to register to vote, stay registered to vote if you move, vote absentee, and get reminders about every local, state, and federal election regardless of where you move. TurboVote works whether you vote in Connecticut or in another state.

Sign up at wesleyan.turbovote.org. If you have any questions about the process, email wsa@wesleyan.edu.


Important voting information