Wesleyan Student Assembly


Resolution 2.36

On November 2nd of this year, a resolution was passed by the WSA in an attempt to promote transparency and communication at Wesleyan. This resolution was passed in order to strengthen the communication between the administration and students, and to elevate the feeling that students know who is running their school and making the decisions that most impact their lives. Too often issues may go unaddressed, and it is important for students to be able to hear all sides of the story, and for there to be accountability on the part of both the students and the administration. All these factors being true the resolution will hopefully also strengthen the sense of community in the goings on of the school. With that being said, the resolution calls for two things. Firstly, it calls for a quarterly report to be distributed from the Office of the President with editorials addressed to the population from the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Vice President for Academic Affairs on issues that are pertinent to the student body. It is in this way that the student body may be made more aware of the university’s desire to acknowledge and address the utmost concerns of their students. The second part of the resolution calls for an annual State of the Students address to be delivered to the students from the Office of the President at either the beginning or middle of the academic year. This will also increase transparency in the goings on of the school and allow students a greater sense of agency in their own institution.

See Resolution 2.36 at wsa.wesleyan.edu/about/documents.