Wesleyan Student Assembly


Winter 2014 Election

Winter 2014 Election

There are five (5) spots for At-large Representatives open to students from 2015, 2016, and 2017. The first three (3) vote-getters will receive full-year terms, the next (2) will receive semester-length terms.

To run: 

1.  Collect 25 signatures on an election petition. Petitions are available in the WSA Office in Usdan or here. Petitions are due at 5:00pm on November 23 to the Candidates Meeting in Usdan 108.

2. Email a 200 word candidate statement to wsa@wesleyan.edu by November 23 at 5:00pm.

3. A mandatory candidates meeting will be held on Novemver 23 at 5:00om in Usdan 110If you cannot attend you must send a proxy and notify wsa@wesleyan.edu.

4. The election will be held from Decmber 1 to December 5 at wsa.wesleyan.edu/voting.

To learn more about the WSA and what representatives do, go to wsa.wesleyan.edu or email us at wsa@wesleyan.edu

Write-in candidates must obtain sufficient votes to rank in the top ten candidates and must have a minimum of 25 votes.

Note that students abroad can run in these elections.