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Resolution 6.34: Resolution on Reading Period & Spring Fling

Resolution 6.34 (2012)
Sponsors: Zachary Malter ‘13, Samuel Ebb ’13, Nicole Updegrove ‘14, Andrew Trexler ‘14, Mari Jarris ‘14

The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA)

Recognizing that academic regulations discourage the holding of events during reading week,1

Recognizing that Spring Fling is a campus-wide event with high levels of student participation, bringing the campus together,

Highlighting the large portion of the Student Activities Fee directed towards funding Spring Fling, and thus the impetus to make the event accessible to the entire student body,

Acknowledging that if Spring Fling is scheduled during reading week, students who attend will have less time to study,

Bearing in mind that during the anecdotal portion of the 2012 EPC Survey, faculty wrote that students have “no time to prepare for final papers and exams,” and that “the students really need at least 4 days of reading period, especially for advanced courses that require long final assignments”,

Very aware of student demand for a longer reading period,

Observing that students have had difficulty managing their work with 4 days of reading period and 4 days of finals,

Noting that no additional time is provided for packing and moving out at the end of semesters, forcing students to take time from reading period and finals,

Concerned with ensuring that students maintain healthful sleep habits and positive mental and physical health during reading and finals period, and

Therefore, be it resolved that

1. Urges the Educational Policy Committee to maintain the current policy of having a day for Spring Fling, four days for reading period, and four days for final exams.

Introduced 18 November 2012 / Adopted 18 November 2012

1 From the academic regulations “General Regulations”:
Student organizations, should not schedule retreats, programs, or meetings that require student attendance during Reading Week.
Departmental, program, and college activities; that require student participation should not be held during Reading Week, with the exception of oral and written examinations covered by alternative exam calendars.
Sessions or information programs that require student attendance should not be held during Reading Week.

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