Wesleyan Student Assembly


Moving Forward

Dear fellow students,

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s community forum Diversity University: In Theory and Practice.  Thank you to all who helped organize the event, all who spoke, and all who listened.  For all of us who attended or watched the forum, the experience was extremely powerful and thought-provoking, and we are prepared to harness that energy to help move our community forward.

We are listening, and, like you, we care deeply about our community.  We have been working on issues of diversity, inclusion, and community-building long before this year’s high-profile incidents, and will continue to do so.  We are working both to address the greater structural issues at play and responding to incidents as they occur.  We are personally committed to these issues.  We decided two weeks ago to institutionalize social justice training for Assembly members, and we are actively working to make such training readily available to all members of the community. We have been in conversations with President Roth and other administrators both before and after the forum, and are working actively and collectively to formulate a coherent, swift, and meaningful plan of action. We want not only to bring to surface the many destructive faults, but build up our community to be as supportive and inclusive as it can be. We welcome all input and feedback on this as we move forward.

Please come talk to us.  Our General Assembly meetings happen every Sunday evening at 7PM in 41 Wyllys Room 114, and you are always more than welcome to attend.  The names, photographs, and email addresses of all thirty-eight members of the assembly are available on our website.  Feel free to say hello and talk when you see us in the hallways and walkways, shoot us an email, or drop by the WSA Office in Usdan 104.  You can also slip a suggestion in our box in Usdan, submit to our online Suggestions Page, or simply send us an email at wsa@wesleyan.edu.


Syed Ali ‘13
Chair, Community Outreach Committee (COCo)

Andrew Trexler ‘14
Chair, Finance and Facilities Committee (FiFaC)

Nicole Updegrove ‘14
Chair, Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Zachary Malter ‘13
President; Chair, Executive Committee (EC)

Nicole Brenner ‘15
Chair, Student Budget Committee (SBC)

Chloe Murtagh ‘15
Coordinator; Organization and External Affairs Committee (OEAC)

Sam Ebb ‘13
Chair, Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

Mari Jarris ‘14
Vice President; Chair, Organization and External Affairs Committee (OEAC)

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