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Cardinal Directions help you get around

Cardinal Directions, the new WSA transportation website, can help you get to Walmart and other stores in the Middletown area, New Haven, or Bradley Airport!

Middletown is a great place. As Wesleyan students, we love exploring Middletown. But you also probably want to travel around and try something different. Traffic! I know. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the travel information you need on one website that is specifically designed for Wesleyan students? WSA FiFac (Finance and Facilities Committee) saves you the trouble! Try our new transportation website:

Cardinal Directions


This nicely designed website is so awesome that you will stop loving facebook for it. Well, that is a little bit exaggerated but it is awesome. It includes the shuttle information, wesbike information, and transportation suggestions that help you get to places in the larger Middletown area. Visit it and you will see how cool it is!