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Check Out Zipcar

I’m sure most of you are excited to return to Wes after a seemingly never-ending winter break.  After just three weeks at home, dreams of Wes had already started to dominate my night’s sleep.  I even miss the Usdan food.  Hardly being able to contain my excitement any longer at the close of winter break, I will tear up Foss hill sledding on my lunch tray immediately on my return.

Although this natural high for Wes could possibly last all semester, there is some chance it will diminish and you’ll want get away ever so briefly from our lovely campus.  If that occurs, there are many ways to escape the Wes bubble.

As a transportation opportunity for Wes students, two Zipcars have been available to the university for the past couple years.  Unfortunately I don’t think students understand quite how amazingly convenient and economical these cars are.  Using a Zipcar is like owning your own car on campus WITHOUT having to worry about parking, paying for gas, and insurance coverage. Do your weekly grocery shopping, go to the movies, or take a road trip to visit your friend without a care in the world!

If you’re 18 year or older and have got the bucks, try out the Zipcar.  It’s $35 for a yearly membership.  To drive the Zipcar is $8/hour or $66/day.  PLUS, in the first month of your membership you’ll get 4-5 hours of free driving! Sign up at www.zipcar.com/wesleyan

Enjoy second semester, Wes kids.  But remember if you ever need to escape, there’s always the Zipcar.  And no, I’m not getting a kickback from the company.

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