Wesleyan Student Assembly


WSA Meeting @ Beta Next Sunday with Roth

This past Sunday, the WSA spent the first two and a half hours of our weekly meeting exclusively debating the new residential policy and its implications for all students.  Furthermore, we  discussed the greater pattern of administrative ignorance of student opinion when making policy changes such as these.  We were unhappy with the unfair targeting of our fellow students in Beta as well as the fact that students were not consulted in making the policy change.  While the text of  the new amendment to the residential policy (read it here) avoids pointing at Beta by name, the WSA recognizes both the targeting and that the policy is vague enough The WSA is aware of the student anger on this issue and agrees with it, and would like to thank those who showed up at our meeting this past Sunday to express their concerns.  In an expression of solidarity, the WSA has moved its next meeting to the Beta house at 184 High Street.  Coincidentally, University President Michael Roth is scheduled to come to our next meeting, where he usually takes questions.  As always, the weekly WSA meetings are open to the entire student body.  If you have any questions, concerns, or other thoughts about the new residency policy or the greater infringement on student rights, we urge you to please attend our next WSA meeting on Sunday, February 27th at 7pm at Beta (184 High Street).

We will also be voting on a resolution this Sunday on the new residential policy and we will be open to any discussion of the new policy or, as always, any other issues.

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