Wesleyan Student Assembly


AAC Works with University Librarian to Bring New Library Committee to Life

Today marks an exciting day. There is reason to celebrate, eat some cake, set off fire works, dance and play in the street (preferably Foss Hill Drive or somewhere theres no traffic). Some may even be so moved to streak Olin out of happiness (please don’t. I don’t endorse this). Why you may ask?


Well the Library Advisory Committee has been brought back to life helping to link the student voice on campus to the Library and its amazing librarians. Our hopes for the Library committee include:

Publicizing the resources available in the 3  on-campus libraries as well as the vast array of resources available online.

Making students more aware of the different spaces that exist in the libraries for events, studying, research and other library activities……….like reading.

Developing creative ways to host more carrels for senior thesis writing, studying, research and other library activities…like reading.

Making the libraries on campus The place to be on campus.

The committee will be meeting throughout the semester discussing these issues among others. The AAC is excited about the new Library Advisory Committee and looks forward to hearing from the students what they would like to see happen in the library. email aalizadeh@wesleyan.edu if you have ideas for the library!

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