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Meet Your New AAC Members

All too often, academic departments defend their territory with the passion of cornered animals, though with far less justification.
Bruce Jackson

Welcome to the 2010-2011 year. On behalf of the new AAC we wish you a very successful year. We have three new faces on the Academic Affairs Committee this year and we all look forward to improving your academic experience here at Wesleyan.

Bouncing_ball_strobe_editComing to us from somewhere south of the Mason Dixon (Springfield, VA) but originally hailing from Vermont is the Vice-Chair of the AAC, Mari Jarris. In high school she was a three sport athlete (Crew, Track and XC) and a die hard fan of the board game Life. At Wesleyan Mari loves living in the Butts and is using her XC/Track skills to run between all the club meetings wondering how she will ever be able to do all of them! She plans on continuing the great AAC tradition of skiing. Interesting fact about Mari-Her name means “bouncy ball” in Japanese, or so it is rumored. Her parents were not aware of this when they named her, they just liked the name. If you’re down for Life let her know!

While not fighting off bears and Massholes with his array of fighting weaponry which include five fully functional battle-ready swords, a longbow, a dirk, a Masai spear, and an arsenal of crazy fireworks (gotta love New Hampshire!) in his quaint southern New Hampshire town of Milford, Andrew Trexler was editor of his Yearbook and an honourable member of his Student Faculty Senate and the Senior Class Treasurer. A three sport athlete (Cross-Country, Tennis…and Chess)  he was a master at competitions such as Apples to Apples and Kings and we’re certain he will rise up the Wesleyan rankings in those categories. Other pursuits Andrew is undertaking  include Frisbee and Outing Club bringing his knowledge of the New England forest to Middletown.


Called by some the Napoleon of our time, Stuart Pasch of Philadelphia is a big believer that Africa is the best place to launch a world dominating invasion….in the game Risk. A singer and musical performer Stuart also played Frisbee and Lacrosse in his high school days but has since seen the light and switched to Crew at Wesleyan. Oh my how interesting it is that all the AAC members have either Crew or Track/XC tying them together with their chair! You may see Stuart  hanging with his lovelies on Fauver 3 short hall or at Usdan or Uni-dan, where, possibly because the famous general said, “An army marches on its stomach”, he will be eating with his army of fellow oarsmen. This year this environmentally conscience general will fight for your academic rights!


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