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WSA Endowment Performance Update: March 2010

During the March Quarter (FY09-10), the WSA Endowment posted a return of 1.35%. Two elements of the portfolio — the PIMCO bond fund and the Wesleyan Endowment — did particularly well and are responsible for most of the growth this quarter. They posted returns of The investment in the Winslow Green Growth Fund (WGGF) 3.12% and 2.40%, respectively. The Winslow Green Growth fund returned -1.19%, pulling down the endowment’s overall growth this quarter. Recent communication from the Office of Finance, however, suggests that the WGGF has rebounded significantly since the close of the quarter on March 31st.

WSA Endowment Performance - March Quarter (FY09-10)

WSA Endowment Performance – March Quarter (FY09-10)

One significant transaction was made during the March quarter. $10,050.17 became available when a MiddConn share certificate matured on the 13th of February. The WSA voted to tie these funds to the performance of the Wesleyan Endowment, opting not to roll them over into a new share certificate. This decision was made after consultation with administrators in the Office of Finance as well as students in the Wesleyan Investment Group.

Further details about the performance of the WSA Endowment during the March quarter are provided in the chart above.