Wesleyan Student Assembly


WSA Endowment Performance Update: December 2009

During the fiscal quarter ending in December, the WSA endowment grew by 2.69%, raising it from $199,129 to $204,476. The strongest performance came from the newly made investment in the Winslow Green Growth Fund, which posted a return of 7.85%. The investments in PIMCO, the Wesleyan Endowment, and the share certificates at MiddConn posted returns of 1.36%, 2.20%, and 0.49% respectively.

WSA Endowment Performance, December Quarter 2009.

WSA Endowment Performance, December Quarter 2009.

At the beginning of the quarter, the endowment stood at $157,856. The majority of the increase in the endowment during this quarter can be attributed to the transfer of $43,173 from last year’s SBC surplus. The entirety of these funds were invested in the Winslow Green Growth Fund—a mid-capitalisation equity fund with holdings in companies espousing green production practices—by majority vote of the WSA in October. This transfer, along with returns made on investments, account for all of the growth during the December quarter.