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A Word on Fire Safety

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Over the past few years, the routinely contentious issue of Fire Safety has been approached at multiple points and has consistently been at the forefront of the WSA’s agenda. From this attention, numerous reforms in the way of Fire Safety have been made to improve relations with students and to establish a greater transparency of the inspection process.

Two years ago, the Fire Safety and Facilities Appeals board was formed to provide a means of appeals for students who felt they had received an unfair punishment. Last year, the inspections’ procedures were changed to foster greater respect of student privacy, and Fire Safety education was set up across the campus to inform students about the importance of maintaining a safe campus.

This year again, the issue of Fire Safety remains prominently in our range of vision.

Over winter break, I received many responses to my email sent out near the end of the past semester. Although the email raised doubts in some students’ minds, it also spurred a great influx of comments and ideas related to the betterment of Fire Safety at Wesleyan.

Over this next semester, the WSA will be taking this feedback to our negotiations with Fire Safety, and we will be advocating for practices that will support an overall safer and more transparent campus. With proposed improvements like a graduated fine system and altered inspection procedures, we will be looking to build off of the work done in the past and to continue cultivating a campus where students actively understand the risks of Fire Safety and work together to maintain a safe campus.

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