Wesleyan Student Assembly


Pi Cafe Open Til Midnight December 16th+17th

Exam season at Wesleyan is a whirlwind of cram sessions, research excursions to Olin and SciLi, and hours spent at your MacBook or Dell frantically trying to type out an annotated bibliography before your final essay is due. With that in mind, the WSA has worked with Bon Appetit to extend Pi Cafe’s business hours on December 16th and 17th to midnight.

While discussing ways to open Pi early on the weekends, the WSA and Bon Appetit decided on this special late closing as a way to help students avoid stress and get their coffee fix this exam season. When negotiating policy, sometimes the best ideas aren’t always apparent until after negotiations have begun. The students and staff members on the Dining Committee finally discovered this idea at our most recent meeting as a great way to make exams less of a headache for the student body. While we still are working on broader hours changes, these two late closings represent an excellent step in expanding Pi Cafe hours to allow best access for our students.

And, if enough people come, this could turn into a tradition for all midterms and finals. So save the dates–December 16th and 17th–and come ready for some late-nite java at Pi Cafe to get you through that annotated bibliography.

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