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Know the Code

When you are out on a warm Friday or Saturday night this spring, there are some important things you should know to protect your rights and prevent you from getting into trouble with P-Safe or MPD.

WSA members have worked closely with P-Safe, the Dean of Students office, and ResLife, to develop a document that contains key information regarding student rights and responsibilities in relation to the Code of Non-Academic Conduct. It also contains some important tips on what to do when interacting with officers and reasons why MPD might come to campus.

Some helpful excerpts:

  • The streets and sidewalks that border and intersect campus are public and are subject to Middletown and Connecticut laws and enforcement mechanisms.
  • Students are responsible for carrying University identification and displaying it at the request of P-Safe.
  • The Student Judicial Board will adjudicate any alleged violation of the Code regardless of when it occurs. Seniors risk forfeiting their privilege of participating in senior week activities or commencement exercises should a violation occur at the end of the year.
  • MPD has jurisdiction to address suspected legal issues on the Wesleyan University campus. Examples of issues that MPD may be called on to address:
  • -Loud noise complaints from city residents where University residences impact private homes not affiliated with Wesleyan.

    -Large gatherings of students that may impede the normal flow of traffic or that could lead to situations that are difficult to manage.

    -Students walking with open containers on city streets or sidewalks. This includes sidewalks and streets that are primarily populated by Wesleyan owned residences.

Click here to read this short, easily digestible document and be in the know.

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  • dbuchoff

    What does the open container policy apply to? Alcoholic beverages? A bottle of coke? My water bottle?

  • Saul Carlin ’09, Vice-President

    Open container refers to alcoholic beverages.