Wesleyan Student Assembly


Progress on Fire Safety

The WSA takes seriously the many concerns students have brought to us about Fire Safety inspections. Following a series of meetings with Joyce Topshe, Associate Vice President for Facilities, and Fran Koerting, Director of Residential Life, we are excited to announce several improvements to general Fire Safety practices and new possibilities for reductions of fines.

In regards to respect for student privacy, a new addition to inspection protocol will hopefully improve the relationship between students and Fire Safety. In the past, many students were caught in uncomfortable situations when Fire Safety inspectors entered their rooms at potentially awkward or inopportune moments. But from now on, room inspectors will knock, announce they are Fire Safety, knock again, wait 30 seconds, and then finally announce themselves again before actually entering the room. This new procedure fosters increased respect of student privacy.

It was also agreed that beginning next semester, Fire Safety checks in residence halls will be conducted each semester during a one-month period. Students will be notified of the inspection month in advance, and Fire Safety inspectors may return at a later date to identified problem areas. During this month there will also be a Fire Safety competition. Those halls and houses that are fine-free will win a prize, like a hall dinner from a great restaurant.

And last but definitely not least, Physical Plant has agreed that students can now work off their fines instead of having to pay them personally. This option had been previously reserved only for students with high fines but will now be offered and available to all students with fines over $100. All these changes will certainly be beneficial for future relations among students and Fire Safety.

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