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Yearbook: a Better, Cheaper Future

Olla Podrida

Tonight, the Wesleyan Student Assembly conducted a nonbinding “straw poll” of its 37 members over whether or not to assume continued responsibility for publication of the Olla Podrida yearbook. The WSA voted overwhelmingly against providing continued support to the yearbook in its current form, due to its high cost and declining popularity in the face of new technologies that have altered how we students preserve and express our memories.

The Olla Podrida, founded in 1862, is subsidized this year with approximately $20,000 in SBC funding. But the cost to students may end up much higher: if yearbook sales do not reach a certain quota, the WSA is obligated to pay the difference.  Also, WSA office staff must spend countless hours organizing and preparing the yearbook for publication – time that would otherwise be spent serving students and student groups.  Many WSA members spoke out in support of the concept of the yearbook and proposed ways it could be improved, such as putting it online or having the project be managed by other departments in the University who are better equipped to do so.

The yearbook for the Class of 2009 is looking to be one of the best Wesleyan has ever seen (read about it on Facebook), and we greatly appreciate the hard work that Lisa Hendrix and the Yearbook Committee have put into it. We encourage graduating seniors to purchase their yearbooks, and hope that future classes will have the opportunity to do the same in the years to come.

–Prepared jointly by Benjamin Firke ’12 and Saul Carlin ’09

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