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Announcing the new WSA homepage and blog

The WSA prides itself on our transparency, our responsiveness to student concerns, and our record of effective advocacy on behalf of the student body. This year, we’ve opened up the process for determining student commencement speakers, improved transportation and dining options, instituted new fire safety inspection procedures, and held the line on the enrollment increase at 30 students with its effects to be reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees. All of these accomplishments have directly resulted from conversations with you.

Today, we are launching a new homepage for the WSA dedicated to promoting these conversations and engaging in the deliberative dialogue that allows us to be effective advocates on your behalf. This website aims to create opportunities for everyday interaction between students, their elected representatives, and everyone who considers themselves a member Wesleyan community. We hope that it will better serve you by facilitating feedback on issues, simplifying student group management, and consolidating the services and assistance we provide.

The new site features the following:

  • Official WSA blog offering news, announcements, opinion pieces from WSA members, and other information clarifying what the WSA does
  • Ability to post comments as feedback to blog posts
  • Confidential chat with the WSA President and Vice-President whenever they are available
  • Frequently updated Twitter feed providing brief updates which can be viewed on the WSA site, Twitter.com, or any Twitter client for your computer or mobile phone
  • All resolutions, meeting minutes, reports, and documents published by the WSA, including our Constitution, by-laws, and organizational chart
  • Feeds from Wesleying and Roth Blog allowing you to quickly see what is happening on campus
  • Student group tools for group registration, funding requests, room reservation, listserv management, etc
  • Consolidated links to student services such as the Rideboard, the Fire Safety appeals form, and information about the New Haven Shuttle.
  • Homepages for all WSA committees
  • Information about elections
  • Facebook page (become our fan!)
  • …and much more!

We hope that you find this page useful and that it helps you to communicate your concerns to the WSA as we work on your behalf. As usual, we welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions, which can be posted here or emailed to wsa@wesleyan.edu.

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  • Mike

    Saul, you did a wonderful job setting up the new site. Thanks for your hard work buddy!